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British Science Week: Exploring the Role of Time

British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths that will place between 8th and 17th March 2024. The theme for 2024 is ‘Time’, which is key to so many discoveries in science, technology, engineering and maths.  

Byotrol’s origin in residual disinfection – the antimicrobial performance of a product over time – has long been one of the unique properties of many of Byotrol’s biocidal technologies. Eager to ensure Byotrol’s long-lasting surface disinfectants were supported through future regulations, Dr Chris Plummer and the Byotrol technical team worked with an independent steering group to develop PAS2424, a test method which evaluates residual antimicrobial efficacy on hard surfaces, which was subsequently published in 2014.  

Meet the Byotrol Scientists: Exploring the Role of Time 

As we celebrate British Science Week with its theme of Time, we’re excited to introduce you to the brilliant minds behind Byotrol’s research and product development. Join us as we delve into fascinating discussions with Byotrol scientists, who share their insights into the critical role of time in understanding microbial behaviour and developing effective hygiene solutions. Discover what inspired them to pursue careers in science and their tips for the next generation of aspiring scientists.  

Interview with Senior Microbiologist Lauren Sainty 

What inspired you to pursue a career in science, particularly in the field of microbiology and hygiene? 

“I was always really curious as a child, and a career in science and research satisfies that curiosity and thirst for knowledge. I love learning and every day is a school day in the world of Microbiology, there is always something new to find out! Something I really enjoy about working in this particular sector is I like making things people use in their everyday lives” 

Do you have any tips for your younger self or for young children and people to get into science? 

“I would tell my younger self not to worry about making mistakes – in science, mistakes and failures are as important as a positive result and can tell you a lot about your research!” 

Interview with Senior Virologist Alan Merritt 

How do Byotrol scientists incorporate the concept of time into developing effective hygiene solutions? 

“Time is important in our industry in a couple of different ways, for example for shelf-life and expiry dates (the length of time the product remains efficacious and stable) and also the contact time required for anti-microbial efficacy. The latter is something we are always trying to improve in the Microbiology lab – testing quicker contact times so that customers can get results faster.”  

What role does time play in product development? 

“At Byotrol, we are in the unique position of having three labs side-by-side – Microbiology, Chemistry and Virology. This means that product development can happen very quickly as we do not need to rely on external testing which often takes months rather than weeks. This allows us to drastically reduce product development timelines.”  


At Byotrol, our dedicated scientists are at the forefront of unravelling the mysteries of microbial behaviour and harnessing the power of time to create cutting-edge hygiene solutions that protect public and animal health and safeguard the environment. As we commemorate British Science Week and its theme of “Time” we invite you to explore the fascinating world of microbiology and virology and discover how time plays a pivotal role in our innovative product development processes. 

To learn more about Byotrol’s innovative hygiene solutions and the science behind our products, please contact us.