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Byotrol Plc supports Global Handwashing Day

On Global Handwashing Day, Byotrol recognises the importance of good hand hygiene in promoting healthy lives for all individuals and that this starts with washing hands using soap and water.  The 2020 Global Handwashing Day theme is “Hand Hygiene for All” and, with the world currently engulfed in a global pandemic, it could not be more appropriate, relevant and needed.

Hand washing with soap and water at key points in the day (such as after using the toilet or before and after contact with food) dramatically helps to reduce the risk of the spread of diseases which, in many parts of the world, can prove fatal.  In the Western World we often take for granted the access we have to clean water sources and effective cleaning materials.  However, the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has increased everyone’s awareness of the importance of how we all have a responsibility and duty to practice safe and effective hand hygiene.

Washing your hands with soap and water after using the toilet or before and after contact with food is a fantastic start to an effective hand hygiene regime.  But what about in-between the hand washes?  How many surfaces do we all come into contact with throughout the day and how clean are they?  How can we all reduce the risk to ourselves and our loved ones?

Alcohol hand sanitisers are being used in schools, offices, transport and retail outlets to help us all reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in between hand washes but these have limitations:  health and safety issues; they are highly flammable, repeated use can cause damage to the skin – and they are ineffective once dry (within seconds of application).  

INVIRTU Alcohol-free Hand Foam Sanitiser was formulated to be as effective against bacteria and viruses as alcohol hand sanitisers but without the additional health and safety risk to users. It is non-flammable, it does not cause damage or pain to skin and, perhaps most importantly, INVIRTU provides ongoing residual antibacterial efficacy against bacteria between hand washes.

Byotrol recognises the importance of handwashing with soap and water to reduce the risk of spread of harmful germs.  When soap and water is not available and for the time in between hand washes, the application and use of INVIRTU Alcohol-free Hand Foam Sanitiser is the safest and most effective way to keep you, your loved ones and everyone around you safe.