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Introducing PROCESSUS®, Byotrol’s new 360-degree Instrument Decontamination System

Leading antimicrobial technology company Byotrol plc has today announced the launch of PROCESSUS®, a 360-degree instrument decontamination system, intended for the simple and effective reprocessing of instruments and specialist equipment, in both animal and human healthcare organisations.

Byotrol’s new launch builds upon the historic success of the existing REPROZYME and REPRODIS products which were acquired in 2018 with Medimark Scientific Ltd. The PROCESSUS® range will supersede these products, the third in a series of strategic portfolio updates since the integration of the two companies was completed in 2022.

The new PROCESSUS® brand debuts at the London Vet Show today where Byotrol is demonstrating the ease-of-use and flexibility of the PROCESSUS® product range to animal health professionals from its key commercial partners in veterinary, welfare, and rehoming charities, and zoos and wildlife organisations.

Commenting on the launch, David Traynor, Interim CEO of Byotrol said,

“The launch of Byotrol’s new PROCESSUS® Instrument Decontamination System is the result of insightful customer feedback at the London Vet Show in November 2022, which makes LVS the perfect venue for the new launch. Instrument decontamination has been a neglected category in the animal health industry, and PROCESSUS® is intended to remedy that, simplifying the physical process, and ensuring that veterinary nurses and other end-users are supported with both excellent, reliable products and the training resources needed to use them correctly, which helps to improve patient care and extend the life of instruments and equipment.”

Instrument Decontamination Process Explained

Instrument decontamination refers to the process of making instruments and equipment safe for use. This can be achieved by removing, deactivating, or destroying contaminants, which can range from organic dirt and debris to harmful pathogens, like viruses, bacteria, and fungi. While the pathogenic threats to good patient care may differ slightly, the fundamental principles of effective instrument decontamination remain the same in both human and animal health environments. The PROCESSUS® Instrument Decontamination System breaks down this complex process into three simple steps, improving efficiency and encouraging compliance to keep clinical teams safe.

Three Simple Steps to Effective Instrument Decontamination


Instruments that cannot be immediately cleaned are protected by the PROCESSUS® Pre-Clean Instrument Spray, which coats them in an enzymatic foam, preventing the hardening of organic matter and the build-up of biofilms, which harbour pathogens increasing the risk of cross-contamination.

Step 2: CLEAN

Using a triple enzyme formulation, PROCESSUS® Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner lifts and removes organic matter including mucus, faeces, vomit, and blood quickly and without the need for aggressive scrubbing which damages instruments over time.


Post-cleaning, PROCESSUS® Instrument Disinfectant kills bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and viruses, including multi-drug resistant pathogens as well as denaturing DNA / RNA, which is vital for the company’s critical services customers.

Powered by Byotrol, and developed by Byotrol’s in-house team of biosecurity experts, the PROCESSUS® Instrument Decontamination System is supported by rigorous testing to the latest European efficacy test methodology, specifically those required for instrument submersion. The formulation is compatible with a wide range of equipment including thermosensitive and cannulated devices, nasal / fibre-optic scopes, diagnostic and orthopaedic equipment, and surgical and endodontic instruments.

To discuss how the PROCESSUS® Instrument Decontamination System can help your organisation to improve patient care, please contact us.