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ANIGENE Professional Surface Disinfectant Cleaner – Eucalyptus fragrance


Byotrol’s new and improved ANIGENE range is here!

Trusted for 30 years to deliver both cleaning and disinfection to animal health and welfare environments, ANIGENE has been updated with an improved formulation and an innovative new look.

Effective against a range of organisms that can be problematic in animal areas, including Parvovirus, Calicivirus, Salmonella and Ringworm.

Fully compliant with all relevant UK regulations, ANIGENE Professional Surface Disinfectant Cleaner protects your team, your visitors and the animals in your care from infection.

Pack Size Pallet Quantity
1000 Litres
1 tank

Microbiological Testing

This product has been tested to the following European Standards: 

  • EN 1656 (bactericidal), 
  • EN 1657 (yeasticidal and fungicidal),
  • EN 14349 (bactericidal), 
  • EN 16438 (yeasticidal and fungicidal) 
  • EN 14675 (virucidal)

Health & Safety

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Safety data sheets, training resources and in-use signage are available to download via our customer portal.

Reorder Codes

Pack Size UK & Ireland
1000 Litres


Remove organic matter, soil and debris from the surface.

Refer to the dilution table on the back of the label to determine the dilution you want.

Fill your container with water and add in the appropriate amount of concentrated ANIGENE to achieve the desired dilution.

Apply disinfectant to cover the surface and leave for the required contact time.

Afterwards, wipe away excess solution.

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