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CHEMGENE MEDLAB Trigger Spray Bottle and Dilution Stickers


In addition to providing effective disinfectant for Forensic, Laboratory and Healthcare settings, Byotrol aims to make hygiene simple.

The 1 Litre bottle allows easy dilution from concentrate, whilst the ergonomic trigger spray design reduces strain on the user.

Dilution stickers allow quick colour coding of areas to prevent the spread of infection, whilst also reminding the user of the dilution in the bottle, and when it was created.

Pack Size Case Quantity Pallet Quantity
1 Litre
5 bottles
110 cases
4 Stickers
50 sheets

Reorder Codes

Pack Size UK & Ireland
1 Litre
4 Stickers


Dilute CHEMGENE in accordance with the dilution chart.

Diluted CHEMGENE should be replaced after 3 months.

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