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Protecting Pet-friendly Public Spaces from Pathogens

Public spaces are seeing an increase in visitors bringing their canine companions with them following the COVID pet-ownership boom. As dog-friendly locations become increasingly popular in travel and hospitality, we explain why it’s crucial to ensure that appropriate and effective disinfectants are used to protect pets and visitors alike.

The Pet Ownership Boom: A Statistical Insight

Recent statistics reveal a significant increase in dog ownership in the UK following the COVID-19 pandemic. A report published by Statista shows an incredible 31 per cent of households in the UK now have one or more dogs, approximately 8.8million homes in total.

Remote working from home offices has reduced the amount of time animals spend alone at home, and dog-owners are more likely than ever to take their furry companions with them to public spaces. 84 per cent of dog owners surveyed by Kantar stated that companionship is the leading motivation for keeping a pet. With companionship as a key motivator, it is logical that owners would want to take their dogs with them on days out or holidays, prioritising dog-friendly venues.

Embracing Pet-Friendly Environments: The Rise of Dog-Welcoming Businesses

In response to this growing trend, businesses are opening their doors to accommodate pets, leading to a surge in pet-friendly pubs, holiday destinations, and shops. This shift creates more inclusive environments for both humans and their four-legged friends, attracting a wider customer base of pet owners and building loyalty from a customer base which is known to prioritise the well-being of their pets, and is willing to pay a premium to do so.

After holiday company Sawday’s saw a 50 per cent increase in the use of its “pets welcome” filter and the dog-friendly page on sister site Canopy & Stars enjoyed a 190 per cent boost, in 2022 they decided to launch an entire website – Paws & Stay – dedicated to dog-friendly self-catering holidays.

Airbnb’s latest figures show a 47 per cent surge in pet-friendly bookings year on year, and the UK has come out on top as the most dog-welcoming destination on their site, with more pet travel taking place here than anywhere else in Europe.

The Benefits and Challenges of Being a Pet-Friendly Business

While embracing a pet-friendly environment offers a host of benefits, including broadening customer appeal and cultivating a hospitable atmosphere, it also presents its share of challenges.

Germs – Pets carry a wide range of germs which can affect the well-being of humans and animals. Brucella canis causes an infection with flu-like symptoms and is easily transmitted to family members, while Campylobacter is one of the leading causes of bacterial gastroenteritis, causing stomach pain, diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting, as well as fever in people. Microsporum canis and Trichophyton mentagrophytes which cause Ringworm can be picked up from rugs or furniture used by an infected animal.

Stains & Odours – Stain and odour removal is vital to consider before welcoming pets to public spaces, as traditional enzymatic stain removers do not contain biocidal active ingredients needed to destroy the bacteria associated with organic matter such as vomit, faeces, or urine. ANIGENE Professional Surface Disinfectant Cleaner has been tested against a range of organic matter to confirm it is an appropriate and effective solution for both stain and odour removal.

Elevating Hygiene Standards: The Role of Veterinary Disinfectants

As hospitality businesses adapt to this pet-friendly paradigm, prioritising hygiene and cleanliness becomes imperative. Utilising veterinary disinfectants like ANIGENE Professional Surface Disinfectant Cleaner ensures the safety and well-being of pets while providing peace of mind for customers that the safety of their pets has not been compromised. ANIGENE’s advanced formula is specifically designed to eliminate harmful pathogens, including those commonly carried by pets.

Hospitality and travel organisations may be understandably concerned for the compatibility of veterinary disinfectants, with flooring and furnishings in public spaces. ANIGENE Professional Surface Disinfectant Cleaner has been independently tested by The WoolSafe Organisation and certified as a WoolSafe and CleanSeal approved maintenance product for wool and synthetic fibre carpets, and rugs, providing additional peace of mind.

The Importance of Pet Safety When Selecting Disinfectants

Traditional cleaning products containing bleach, ammonia or phenols can be harmful to pets, making it essential for pet-friendly businesses to use appropriate alternatives. Veterinary disinfectants like ANIGENE Professional Surface Disinfectant Cleaner are formulated with pet safety in mind, ensuring effective cleaning without compromising the well-being of furry customers.

Join the Movement: Enhance Your Pet-Friendly Spaces with ANIGENE

As the pet ownership trend continues to flourish, businesses must seize the opportunity to cater to this expanding demographic. By incorporating veterinary disinfectants like ANIGENE into their cleaning protocols, establishments can demonstrate their commitment to pet welfare while maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

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