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Recognising the Immense Fight Against Rabies in Ukraine

At Byotrol, we believe in making a difference, especially when it comes to the well-being of animals. This is why we were proud to contribute towards The Save Pets in Ukraine initiative, donating essential biosecurity products to support the health and well-being of animals affected by the ongoing conflict.

As supporters of the U-hearts Foundation and their mission to help Ukrainian animals affected by the war, we were honoured to attend an exclusive preview of the new documentary “War Tails” at the Genesis Cinema in London. This powerful documentary sheds light on the heart-breaking reality faced by over a million pets abandoned during the conflict in Ukraine.

The film documents the heroic efforts of K-9 Rescue International, Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund (UWARF), veterinarians, non-profits, and animal shelters in Ukraine to organise missions and facilitate clinics to address the needs of abandoned animals. Many families were forced to surrender their pets at the border as they fled the country, resulting in a dire situation where animals were left to survive on their own.

Michelle Jones, co-founder of K9 Rescue International, who hosted the event in London, explains:

“The whole world watched in horror as respectable people were forced to become refugees, yet no one saw the millions of abandoned and displaced animals left behind, fighting to survive amidst the chaos. Many are wandering the streets alone in desperate need of help, and the crisis is worsening day by day.”

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, many people were forced to leave their pets behind, leading to a significant increase in stray animals. There have been numerous cases of rabies reported in Ukraine, which is 100% fatal. The threat that rabies presents extends beyond Ukraine and poses a risk throughout Europe, making the work that organisations like UWARF are doing, even more critical. Their mission over the next four years is to sterilise and vaccinate half a million displaced or forgotten animals in Ukraine. The charitable efforts of these organisations also include reuniting, rehoming, and sheltering these animals, as well as building technological solutions to track and monitor volunteer activities.

The film was deeply moving and provided a stark reminder of the ongoing animal welfare crisis. Jane Kiely noted,

“The dedication and courage of these volunteers is truly inspiring. It’s heart-wrenching to see the conditions these animals endure in their fight for survival, but also uplifting to witness the impact of our collective efforts.”

After the screening, Dominic Dyer, a political campaigner for animal rights, led an engaging debate on the key issues highlighted in the film. Joined by Krystina Dragomaretska, Dr Gemma Campling, Dan Fine and other experts, the discussion emphasised the urgent need for international support to prevent further animal suffering.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the U-hearts Foundation for their support and the opportunity to witness this impactful documentary.

K9 Rescue International: This organisation works tirelessly to rescue, sterilise, and vaccinate stray animals, preventing the spread of rabies and other diseases.

UWARF: Founded by Dan Fine, UWARF is involved in various efforts to support animal welfare in Ukraine, including sterilisation, vaccination, and microchipping.

U Hearts Foundation:  is a non-profit public organisation that works towards improvement of living conditions of abandoned pets in Eastern Europe. Due to the war, thousands of pets in Ukraine have been left without homes and proper care

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these vulnerable animals. Join us in supporting the Save Pets in Ukraine initiative. Whether it’s through donations, spreading awareness, or providing essential supplies, every contribution matters.

To view the trailer and read more about the dedicated and courageous volunteers who are risking their lives every day to treat these animals, visit