Working Hours

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Quality, Technical & Regulatory

Byotrol is dedicated to improving lives around the world by developing and commercialising market-leading, antimicrobial technologies and products.

We endeavour to continually supply safe, efficacious products that are consistently manufactured to the highest quality. Byotrol works to high ISO 9001 standards.

Quality products are the result of a set of rigorous and well-designed processes.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to maintain the highest quality standards. Our Quality Management System (QMS), has been initiated by our senior management team and is integrated at every business level. The QMS is utilised to monitor and improve performance across our organisation, in order to continually drive up the quality of the products and services that we supply to our customers.

Improved quality is driven by a number of coinciding strategies working in harmony.

Innovative product development enables us to continually improve upon our existing product portfolio, responding to the dynamic needs of an ever changing market. Product development is further fuelled by open dialogue channels with our employees, who are encouraged to introduce new ideas about both products and processes. Our internal regulatory team maintain compliance with all current and relevant legislation as well as consistently monitoring regulatory changes in every location that we distribute our products. Every member of staff is immersed in our quality-driven culture, and briefed on the standards of excellence that have come to represent Byotrol. 

The outcome of these strategies working in synergy is a level of quality that our customers can safely trust in. 


At Byotrol, innovation is at the core of everything we do. Since the development and launch of our initial antimicrobial technology, we have remained committed to driving the industry forward with products that make a real-world difference in health and hygiene.

Central to this innovation are the scientific minds within our Research & Development team. We are proud to have an onsite team of expert chemists, microbiologists and virologists that is dedicated to creating products which meet the hygiene needs of the modern world. As well as observing the present requirements of today, we work hard to anticipate the demands of tomorrow.

Our innovation benefits from our multidisciplinary approach. Our Head Office in Chester features onsite containment level 2 virology and microbiology laboratories, and a formulation chemistry laboratory. This organically creates a collaborative development approach that is fundamental to our new technologies. This process, when informed with input from our in-house regulatory team, ensures that as new products emerge, they are compliance-ready and patent-protected. These steps enable us to distribute our products in an efficient way, expediting their delivery to the end users who most stand to benefit from the breakthrough technology contained within.

Innovation demands collaboration, and we actively involve our commercial partners in the development process. We have always valued the end user’s needs, and their insight only helps us enhance the effectiveness of our technology. In addition, we continue to enhance our technical capability through partnerships within academia.

We are ceaseless in our commitment to making a tangible difference in the world through quality and technical excellence.