Working Hours

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Who We Are

Byotrol is a multinational market leader in biocidal technologies, based in the United Kingdom.

Byotrol’s first antimicrobial technology was invented over 20 years ago, and since then we have developed a number of biocidal technologies and antimicrobial test methods, which challenge traditional disinfectant products and methods of cleaning, to provide easier, cleaner lives for everyone.

Byotrol is passionate about making the world a safer place, through the development of unique, effective and accessible antimicrobial products. Our approach is grounded in excellent science and led by consumer needs, never more so than in a world that places the highest value on clinical hygiene.

We specialise in the development of a wide range of antimicrobial products.

Whether clinical, commercial or domestic, we have innovative and specialist products to suit the ever-changing needs of our customers. In addition, our products are always formulated within the regulatory frameworks of every location that they are available.

Our commitment & beliefs

We firmly believe in the responsible use of biocides in our society and that Byotrol products should perform as well in real life environments as they do in a laboratory. Our commitment to the robust testing of our products during development enables our customers and end-users to trust that Byotrol products will always perform as they should.

Byotrol understands that every business and consumer needs access to good hygiene practises and effective antimicrobial products, and we are committed to developing the most effective technology, at the best possible price to make our products accessible to everyone.