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Human Health

Healthcare systems can rest assured that they are choosing the gold standard in antimicrobial technology when using Byotrol products. We continue to innovate within this growing sector, producing the latest in formulation technology. Byotrol combines cutting edge disinfection and sterilisation with economical, cost-effective solutions to suit all specialist departments and medical environments.

In addition to our range of surface cleaning solutions, we also produce specialist products for medical and surgical instruments, including rigid endoscopes and devices.

The precise nature of these instruments means they often feature hard-to-reach areas within their construction. Rest assured that our products are safe for equipment, but uncompromising with hygiene, providing complete coverage and protection. In any environment that health hygiene is considered a necessity, our portfolio of products is ready to respond.

Trionic Wipes

Trionic Cleaning & Disinfection Wipes CE

Trionic RTU

Trionic Cleaning & Disinfection Spray CE

Reprozyme CE

REPROZYME Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner CE

Reprodis CE

REPRODIS HLD4I Instrument Disinfectant CE


Neozyme Enzymatic Foam Spray

Chemgene Instrument Wipes

CHEMGENE HLD4I Instrument Wipes CE

Chemgene Wipes

CHEMGENE HLD4H Medical Device Surface Disinfectant Wipes


CHEMGENE Medical Device Surface Disinfectant CE


INVIRTU Alcohol Free Hand Foam Sanitiser


AIRGENE Airborne Disinfection


CHEMGENE HLD4L Laboratory Disinfectant


CHEMGENE HLD4H Medical Surface Disinfectant

Byotrol 4in1 RTU

Byotrol 4in1 Multipurpose Surface Cleaner Disinfectant